Unnati will handle all the payroll processing, including calculating TDS and other regulatory requirements, as well as paying your employees.


Software that constantly follows the Laws of Compliance

Direct Deposits
of Salaries

Put money in the employees' bank accounts directly.


Make it so that forms like TDS, PF, etc., are automatically filled out and submitted.

Rethinking the
Current Account

An integrated suite of intelligent apps that can revolutionize your business.

Salary Account

You can get a Visa Platinum debit card and a salary account with no minimum balance.

Pay your employee

Pay your employees' salaries in 60 seconds

Save time money and effort

Save your time, money, and effort

Maintain Employer Compliance

Help You Maintain Employer Compliance


Paperless Attendance System


Calculating payroll deductions, allowances, leave payments, and taxes

Automated Payroll Solution

Automated Payroll Solution

Focus on running and growing business

You can focus on running and growing your business

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